About Us

Our core Midwestern Values and blue-collar work ethic are what drives us to build a culture of innovation within the traditional Heartland region.

We are a “values” driven organization that sees the untapped potential the Midwestern region has to offer. Therefore, our process aims to deliver a significant boost to the economic development of the region.

We’ve built the foundation of this model through our home city of South Bend, IN.  Through our strong partnerships with the city and with key institutions like Notre Dame, Great Lakes Capital and Bradley Co. we have been able to make tremendous progress in the development of the region.

South Bend is a microcosm of what the entire Midwest has to offer. With a top-tier university, South Bend pulls some of the best and brightest into the city.  Thus, creating the best cost of living to talent ratio in the country.  Notre Dame has capitalized on the momentum with the IDEA Center, which is playing a big part in building a foundation for future entrepreneurs to build on.

This culture is not unique to South Bend. It is, in fact, present throughout the Midwest.

Heartland Ventures believes that we can play an integral role in leading this transformation and bridging the gap between Silicon Valley and the Midwest. Below are our target outcomes that we believe will greatly benefit the region:

  1. Help startup expansion into the region and create new employment opportunities
  2. Bring national attention to the region
  3. Import high growth startups into the region that aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from
  4. Bring in further investment dollars from outside the region to solidify the infrastructure
  5. Create more technology-related jobs that will continue to attract talent to the region and help retain the existing talent for the long-term