Heartland Ventures is a Midwest-based venture capital firm connecting large Middle America companies with vital technology being developed on the coasts. Our proven model helps corporations embrace a competitive, early-adopter approach while helping startups spark meaningful conversations with key corporate decision-makers. Since 2016, we’ve invested in seven portfolio companies, facilitated over 114 startup connections for Heartland corporations, and created over $65 Million in pipeline revenue for our portfolio companies.

Heartland Ventures is based in the Midwest with a full-time presence in South Bend, IN, Columbus, OH and Indianapolis. Because we work so closely with coastal startups, you’ll also find us frequently in San Francisco/Silicon Valley and New York City.

While many of our investments fall within Manufacturing, Logistics, Real Estate, Construction and Human Resources because of the high concentration of these businesses in our region, we have an extensive network that spans a wide variety of industries.