When is Heartland Ventures the right co-investor for you?

  • Midwestern market has been identified as an expansion opportunity
  • Leading the round or participating in a round that already has a lead investor
  • Round is <$5mm
  • Startup has a B2B strategy and a target market within real estate technology, advanced manufacturing, construction technology, logistics technology or HR/staffing technology
  • The tech (product) is developed and the focus of the round is on growing sales

Immediate value-add to your portfolio company

  • We will provide an additional layer of due diligence on every deal you share with us, by diving in head first into exploring the market potential for this product within the Midwest region.
  • We will guarantee product-market fit and customer validation by engaging executives at the top corporations in the Midwest.
  • We aim to generate recognition of the problem addressed, alignment on the proposed solution and agreement on the value created.
  • In addition to that, we will establish a pipeline of decision makers at these top Midwestern corporations to expedite the sales process and help your portfolio companies expand nationally.