We look for very specific characteristics in the types of startups that we partner with because we believe it is our duty to provide as much value as possible & we achieve that by sticking to what we know best.

  • We help you capture the Midwestern Value.
  • Heartland Ventures aims to make Midwestern expansion as smooth as possible by leveraging our experience, network, and resources to evaluate your potential in the Midwest for you. We will even go as far as to get you your first customers.

When is Heartland Ventures right for you?

  • Raising a round <$5mm and you already have a lead investor
  • B2B strategy and a target market within Real Estate Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Local Government/Civic Technolgy, Logistics Technology and/or HR Technology
  • Your technology (product) is developed and the primary focus for this raise is on growing sales

We’re efficient

  • Our decision-making process is focused on 1 key factor: can we add value to your startup?
  • We will determine if we can help de-risk your aspirations of Midwestern expansion by generating customer validation… even before we invest!
  • We can have an immediate impact on expediting the sales process with key accounts from within our network of industry-leading executives.