Silicon Valley has become a mecca for tech startups, providing startups with every possible resource that they might need. The Valley is synonymous with innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Over the past several decades, the region has established the ideal ecosystem for startups to build incredible brands and grow at exponential rates.

Experienced Venture Capitalists have been able to leverage their network to help startups scale quickly, primarily within the Valley.

In the era of the ever-expanding consumer internet, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have developed awesome technologies that, with help from their Venture Capital partners, have been able to scale quickly and efficiently. Through this network, technology startups can generate customer validation and acquire their first pilot customers in the Valley.

The Midwest has historically fallen below the radar for startups and VCs which has created an untapped market ready to adopt new technology. In part due to a historic disconnect between the Midwest and America’s coastal hubs, startups often expand into the Midwest last, or not at all.

The Midwest is evolving as an attractive market and is ripe for technology disruption. Much of the market is based on traditional industries that have not yet adopted advanced technologies. The Midwestern customer is unique and expanding into this market comes with its own risks. Expanding into the region requires significant know-how and experience to capture its potential. The risk of expanding a startup into the traditional Midwest market is severe because it requires a significant time and financial investment to identify customers and establish key relationships.

Many companies have tried and have been unsuccessful due to their limited understanding of the market needs and insufficient network.

So, how do you get Silicon Valley startups to quickly scale in the Midwest? That’s where we come in.

Our investment and operational experience, coupled with our established industry partnerships have helped us become experts in Midwestern startup expansion. We have the network and partnerships to help you quickly land your first major Midwestern customer.