Our Approach

Our three-phase selection process allows us to identify target startups quickly, validate the opportunity in the Midwest and line-up pilot customers before we even invest.

  • Alignment on investment focus

The initial review of any potential investment opportunity is to ensure the startup is aligned with our strengths and expertise. As we aim to add value in every deal we invest in, we stick to what we know best and tend not to stray from our focus.

  • De-risk and customer acquisition process
      1. We will conduct a thorough due-diligence analysis to determine the strength of the company’s position and their capability to quickly expand nationally.
      2. We then introduce the company to key executives and decision makers at established Midwestern corporations to validate the product within their industry and determine their organization’s level of interest to become a customer.
      3. If we are able to achieve customer validation and identify several high profile corporations as likely new customers, we will immediately move forward to the investment decision.
  • Decision and investment package
    1. Investment decisions are made unanimously by the General Partners – ensuring a commitment to deliver value throughout the life of the investment.
    2. Along with the capital infusion, Co-investors and Founders can expect to receive an investment package which will include detailed customer feedback and a short list of high potential customers that have already signaled interest.
    3. Post-investment, Heartland Ventures will remain involved as-needed to help facilitate the sales process and provide any additional resources necessary to ensure the startup’s expansion.