Conor McGuinness

Conor joined Heartland in 2019 and serves as Partner, overseeing the firm’s Community team.

In this role, Conor leads engagement with LPs and Midwest industry leaders to ensure the Heartland’s portfolio aligns with their strategic and financial needs.

Conor leverages his knowledge of the challenges facing Midwestern businesses, gleaned from his experience as a Consultant to many such firms.  His history of overseeing the development and growth of new technology products and delivering them to legacy firms, as well as in-house legal experience at a Fortune 500 company, is similarly advantageous.

A transplant to the Midwest, now going on 10 years, Conor is passionate about connecting the region’s unique businesses with technology being developed on the coasts.  Conor is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland and the University of Notre Dame Law School.