Mary Kenney

Mary joined Heartland in 2022 as an Associate on the Investing team and transitioned to the Community team in 2024.

In this role at Heartland, Mary leads engagement with LPs and Midwest industry leaders to ensure Heartland’s portfolio aligns with their strategic needs.  

Prior to joining Heartland, Mary worked in non-profit fundraising, technology, and strategy consulting, managed customer success at an AI startup, and led strategic initiatives at an Ivy League university. She leverages these varied experiences in operational and strategic analysis, team building, and collaborative problem-solving to foster meaningful partnerships with and amongst founders and investors in the Heartland community.

Mary loves making connections and is invigorated by finding the perfect match between innovative founders and early adopter customers in the Heartland. Having moved back and forth from the East Coast to the Midwest a total of six times, she is thrilled to have landed in Columbus, OH. Mary received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame where she studied American Studies, Business Economics, and the Irish Language.