It’s no secret that Silicon Valley has become a mecca for tech startups. But while the region has established itself as the ideal ecosystem to build incredible brands and grow at exponential rates, an untapped market exists.

The Midwest is ripe with potential customers that could provide coastal startups with the validation, feedback and resources they need. Coastal startups know coastal consumers, but the Heartland has its own pulse, and the gap has been historically difficult to bridge.

Heartland Ventures is creating a community for coastal technologies and Heartland-based corporations to connect, grow and innovate together.

Based in the Midwest with deep connections on the coast, we understand what coastal startups do — and more importantly — how it translates to the Heartland corporate buyer.

While others flock to San Francisco and New York City, Heartland Ventures is directing the disrupters back to Middle America. Back to where new technology doesn’t just make a splash, but rather, makes an impact. Back to the true Heartland.